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Consumer behavior is evolving as a result of technological advancements, and only those brands and businesses who embrace this digital revolution and act quickly to embrace change can survive the challenge.

Why is digitaldhuria chosen over all other agencies?

Perfection is a deception; however, we enjoy turning it upside down. We cultivate brands with utmost precision so that they can thrive in the modern world and make the most of any medium they use. We make managing outbound and incoming online experiences simpler for you. We assist you in initiating a business model and devise the best marketing campaign to streamline an operation with our effective marketing strategy. Our social media marketing is one of our known services, which have benefitted countless companies over a period of seven years. 

Our social media marketing services are all you need to see your business prosper. We strive to ensure your maximum satisfaction level, and we won’t let you down. Not now, not ever.

The best social media marketing services

The majority of online businesses overlooks the real value that social media brings to the table. It can serve as a lead generator as well as an excellent interaction strategy for raising brand awareness. Our social media marketing strategies are designed with lead generation and retention in mind, ensuring that your target audience is tuned in and engaged with your brand at all times.

We don’t just concentrate on one or two social media platforms; we create a campaign that incorporates your content strategy into any social network important to your company.

Customized Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Let's have a glimpse of our working principles

Determination of the end goal

Our team decides social goals by listening to the customer and determining the campaign's end goal.

Profound Market Analysis

To figure out a better approach to social media marketing, competitors and the prevailing marketing campaigns are carefully analyzed and assessed.

Audit of Social Media

All existing social accounts are audited to assess their current level of success and presence.

Ongoing Analyses

Each post and element of the campaign is scrutinized to ensure the strategy's best long-term efficiency.

Management of Accounts

Each account is updated to reflect the most recent brand changes and to align with current marketing goals.

The perfect plan

To achieve the marketing goals, a content strategy is developed, and content is programmed based on the market assessment.

Our social media tools handle conversations efficiently

It’s one thing to be able to build engagement; it’s quite another to be able to exploit it fully. Although having a large number of interesting online discussions and connections can lead to great opportunities, failing to follow up on them can be detrimental. Our team uses cutting-edge social media tools to centralize all of the brand’s discussions and engagements.

 Trust us, when we say that we use the best social media marketing and engagement tools!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once the order is placed, what is the next step?

Once the order is placed, a detailed message with requirements will be sent to you. Please, answer as many of the requirements as possible. Having collected this information, we will study and start working.

When will the first post be published?

Before publishing the first post, we will need 2-3 days to study your niche, do research, create the graphic designs, and generate content for each of them. The designs will be sent to you for review and approval prior to posting them.

Will I be able to see the graphic designs before they are published?

Yes, the graphic designs will be sent to you beforehand so that you can review them and provide your own feedback/comments.

How are the posts created?

The posts are created based on your website and niche. They are one-of-a-kind branded posts in relevance to your business accompanied by engaging content, trending hashtags, emojis, and URL links.

Should I expect audience growth from Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is used to build professional accounts with informative and engaging content and attractive posts. It is also used to keep the existing audience active and engaged. For this reason, a specific number of audience growth is NOT promised/expected.

Does the gig include a Marketing Strategy Plan?

Upon request, we can design a custom-made Social Media Marketing Strategy plan tailored to your needs and aims. The plan can be added to the gig as an extra for $500.

Which Social Media Platform do you recommend me use?

Based on the niche, location, target audience, and other characteristics of your business/brand, we will give you our recommendations for which platforms to use for better results.

What if my brand is not very active on Social Media?

This is why we are here for to establish an online Social Media presence for you. Daily posting, appealing graphic designs, relevant content, trending hashtags, and more, will help you reach a wider audience organically.

Do you offer Advertising Services?

Yes, we are an expert on Advertising as well. We can help you to run professional ads through your Business Manager on both Facebook and Instagram. *Advertising is not included in this gig.

Do you set up Social Media Accounts?

Yes, upon request, we can fully set up your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business etc.) at an extra cost of $100 each account.