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We furnish small to medium-sized organizations with a full scope of Website Services, including top-notch Custom Website Design, Website Development, and so on. Our customers range from small new companies to sizeable, brand conspicuous associations. Whatever your business is, we will help it grow by making the best website for you.

Making high-sway sites is second nature for us. You can totally trust us!

Our talented designers know how to create beautiful visual journeys that your audience will enjoy. Engage your guests with innovative visual concepts that perfectly articulate your message and collect specific data that is critical to delivering the best experience for your customers.

We use our more than seven years of experience to help our clients take their companies to new heights.  

Give digitaldhuria a chance to show you what we can do for your company!

Who We Are

We’re a group of digital marketing experts who work tirelessly to make websites and other digital assets work for your business. We can build a different SEO-optimized, brand-relevant, bespoke website for you, or we can improve an existing one. We choose a mix of cutting-edge technology, stunning graphics, clever copy, and direct calls – to – action to produce rock-solid results for all of our clients.

What We Do

We love building great sites for our clients, and we’re enthusiastic about conveying all that can be expected for them.

We need all of our consumers to refer our web development services to their friends and family, and the only approach we could do is to be the finest at what we do. We do have the knowledge and expertise to know what makes a website rank well in Google, and it all begins with the creation of the website. It’s not just how your website appears to you; it’s also how Google perceives your webpage.

Every day, we see website content that looks fantastic on the surface, but when you look under the surface, you can see that Google isn’t happy with what it sees. This will always have an impact on your ranking ability. Hence, we work to ensure that Google likes your website and not just your viewers.

What makes digitaldhuria so special?

We set our costs at extremely competitive levels and offer limitless plan revisions for all sites we make, consequently furnishing our customers 100% satisfaction levels. We really believe that we have the quality/value balance spot on. Our exceptionally talented and committed group of Web Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Administrators, and Senior Management staff is energetic about their respective works. This is precisely the reason behind the prosperity and development of our business.

Stand Out

We design your sites in a way that helps you to accomplish your business goals. 


Change your business with an online existence you can be glad for.

Guided by Experts

We will give you clear, legit guidance from beginning to end.

Be in Control

Simple for you to alter and refresh – we’ll help you get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have the option to choose a template design for my website?

Yes, it is available only in our Standard and Premium plans and are limited to a maximum of 2 template designs only.

What if I need additional pages for the website, more than the specified limit in each plan?

This will fetch an additional cost of $100 for every additional page once the limit specified in each plan is over.

What if I don’t have a logo for my website?

The customer can choose one of the plans from our Logo Designing Page. However, we do offer a free Logo with our Premium plan.

How much do I need to pay once the free domain period is expired?

The domain can be renewed at an additional cost of $50 before the expiry. We don’t take any responsibility of the loss of domain in case the customer doesn’t give us a shout at least 14 working days before the expiry date. We also don’t give any reminders for that.

How much do I need to pay for SSL Certificate renewal after the expiry period?

Once the first year is over, customer will have to pay $100 every year to renew SSL Certificate. However, the certificate is free for lifetime if customer opts for our Standard or Premium plan.

What if I need additional Web Space for my website?

Customer has the option to upgrade by paying an extra $50 for every 1GB of Web Space (on Shared Hosting) which will be valid for a year. He also has the option to get a dedicated Web Hosting and the price can be discussed with us at the time of implementation.

Will I also get free content for my website?

Content writing is not a part of any of our Website Development Plans. Our customers are supposed to provide content for their website(s). However, we have a dedicated team of content writers and can quote our customers depending upon their niche(s). This will cost them separately and the cost will vary as per the length, topic or various other factors which will be determined at the time of signing up an agreement.

What if I need more email addresses, in addition to the limit specified in each plan?

We offer just 1 email address for free with each plan. If customer is willing to get more, he will have to choose different plans as they have different costs associated with it.

Will I have the option to choose designs for my business cards?

Yes, we can certainly share 2-3 designs to choose from. However, if a customer really wants to go for an exclusive design with unlimited revisions, we do charge $100 separately for the design work.

What is all included in Social Media Page Building?

We will be making all Social Media pages ready so that customers can visit and see your presence on these platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter). We also do Social Media Marketing for our clients. Customer can contact us for any query related to it.